Products carefully considered for relevance, sustainability, beauty, capacity to encourage wellness, and functionality. From our selection of Ayurvedic oils to yoga clothing, we have what you need to narrow the margin between your yoga practice and your lifestyle.

When we’re inspired, we’re the best we can be. Few things inspire like beauty. Our products will inspire you to be your best.

When you’re taking care of yourself, you’re able to take care of others. We provide a multitude of opportunities to optimize your vitality and improve your health.

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Protected: Yoga Union Member Online Access

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Welcome to Virtual Y.U.

As an existing member, you are being granted complimentary access to this new online platform, which includes both live classes and a growing library of pre-recorded classes all with your favorite Yoga Union instructors. It is our great hope that, during these times of social distancing and elevated fear, we can continue to meet one another in our humanness and practice yoga and self awareness for the benefit of all beings.


Yoga Union Online

$15.00 / month

Welcome to Virtual Y.U.

Thank you for joining us on this exciting new platform!

Enjoy access to our growing library of yoga classes led by your favorite Yoga Union instructors. Proceeds from your online membership will help fund our efforts to increase audio & video recording, resolution, and overall quality over time.

*No refunds for online membership. To cancel your membership, go to your Account -> Manage, and click “Cancel”