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Holly Hawk is our go-to graphic designer. She is smart and creative, she’s a great communicator and a professional in every way. Please check out her work here:


  • Dana Louis “tattooed” the exterior of The Breathe Building and she designed the glass etching in the entrance. She is passionate, loving, and creative, and she’s tirelessly devoted to yoga and her community. She is an art warrior and a total veteran. She knows how to get large-scale projects done by navigating the challenges and finishing on time. We are always learning from her wisdom and authentic self-expression. We are forever grateful for all that she provides.
  • Cobb Hoelzer is the artist who transformed our childcare space The Hive, into a magical forest of trees and bees, and our south studio into a yoga chapel. She is wildly creative and brings live to everything she touches.
  • Samantha  Fisher is our the muralist who crafted and then re-crafted our Ardhanarishvara mural for the north studio. She is playful and unique and she brings light to our space every day with her creation.
  • Nolan Restivo of Juncture Wood Works designed and constructed the woodwork art behind our front desk. He does very good work and delivers satisfying results in quick time. He’s also a joy to work with.

Brant Kaake is a licensed and bonded general contractor with a diverse skill set. He has been our go-to fix-it guy at the studio for many years now.

[email protected]

SEER Goods:

Eco-concious design solutions for the wellness community.

Vibrant Valley Farm is a CSA (community-supported agriculture). This spring/summer they will provide the Yoga Union community an abundance of fresh vegetables and other yummy, healthy treats at an affordable price.

Mt. Tabor Chiropractic and Yoga Union are neighboring health centers. Steve Kingston and his wife JoAnn have been our friends, our students, our mentors, and our chiropractors. Go see them for injury treatment, dietary advice, or a smooth adjustment.

Steve M. Kingston, D.C.
4351 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
Portland, OR 97215

La Carolina Lodge is a magical retreat space in Costa Rica. Never have we experienced land so well cared for. If you’re looking for a place to restore your soul, go there! Be inspired by these folks who are doing it right. Soak in the fire-heated pool shouldering the stunning Rio Celeste’. Ride the magnificent horses. Hike their jungle trails. Enjoy family-style meals, three times daily. The food is all coming straight from this land, right down to every grain of rice and every bean, each of which they sort by hand. Slow down. Take in the roots of life. Dine by candle light. Go and let the old world remind you of what’s good, beautiful, and true in this world.



  • James Westby made our homepage video. He is super fun and easy to work with. Take a look at some of his other films.
  • Sophia Emigh made our 200hr and 300hr teacher training videos. She’s a delightful person to be around and has a depth to her that she seems to effortlessly bring through her work.
  • Bruce Kubert made our “What is Yoga Union” video. He is supportive, fun, and easy to be around, and he brings out the best in his subjects.

Our website was built by Gray Ayer, a Portland-based designer and web developer specializing in creating visually pleasing websites that are easy to use by a site’s clients and a breeze to maintain by a site’s owner. He is also a dedicated yogi.

Gray Ayer
[email protected]

Street Yoga:

Street Yoga builds capacity in youth through yoga and mindfulness to overcome suffering and cope with trauma.

Miles Toland:

Transforming resistance into resonance.

Sianna Sherman is an internationally recognized yoga teacher and founder of Rasa Yoga School, who delights in sharing teachings with poetry, stories, and expressive insight. We hold space for her at the heart of the Yoga Union community as our true teacher, as our beloved friend, and as a source of what seems to us like an endless stream of divine insight. Please take every chance you get to be in the presence of this sweet spirit.