Amy A.

I’m so happy to have found my neighborhood yoga studio. I love this place. The classes and teachers are just what I’m looking for, and the schedule is extensive enough for me to fit classes into my weird work schedule. The person at the front desk is always so friendly, which is a nice change of pace from some snobbier yoga studios. The sign-up process was really easy and quick, both with my 2 week introductory special, and my membership. I wasn’t pushed to buy anything else…

I purchased a Groupon for Yoga Union eons ago, and I finally decided to put it to use.  I’m so glad I did!

First of all, the ladies who work the front counter are super friendly, which is huge for me.  That may sound like a silly requirement, but I’ve experienced some snarky desk people at other studios, and it made me feel uncomfortable about going because I can be a freakishly socially-inept doofus.

The dressing room is also really nice, and much more spacious than I’m used to.  There are cubbies, three showers, and a bathroom stall (covered by just a curtain, so freakishly socially-inept doofuses beware)!

The studio itself is lovely, with lots of windows and a beautiful bamboo floor.  Best of all, it’s BIG.  The class could be totally packed, but you never have to worry about your sweat-slicked arm inadvertently grazing over the sweat-slicked arm of your neighbor.  Germaphobes, rejoice!  They even put out baskets of washcloths, so if you forget a towel, you’ll have something to wipe your face with.  I always sweat like a 300-pound dude with a hangover, so this is an awesome perk.

The classes themselves are really good, and there’s a wide variety of styles taught every day, at all different times.  You can always find a class you’d like to attend at a convenient time…

Alissa K.

Kath Berg Lefebvre

A successful yoga class tells a story through a sequence of poses, with a beginning, middle and end.  Every class I take at YU has those elements, with gentle corrections throughout. As a working mother of three school-age children with a dedicated yoga practice it is important to me that my time on my mat is with purpose.  Yoga Union has all the elements of a successful studio: strong and knowledgeable teachers, open and loving vibe with massive connection to the Portland yoga community, chock-full schedule of challenging classes, and a beautiful clean facility.  This studio is top-notch.

Without yoga I would probably be face down in a ditch somewhere alongside the road.  Actually, that’s probably a slight exaggeration.  But in a roundabout and ridiculous way it brings me to my point which is that words are hardly capable of describing how grateful I am to have this practice in my life and all of you are indelibly linked to that…

Bobby Wilcox

Maria H.

I’ve been to many yoga studios around the Portland area and this studio is by far the best!! The instructors are very knowledgeable and welcoming. I love how they offer different types of classes throughout the day so there is always one I can make. I would highly recommend Yoga Union, which I do often, to anyone who is looking for a great place to practice!

Yoga at Yoga Union has changed my life.  I had an accident some time ago and  have  Rheumatoid Arthritis and a neck fusion.  I remember coming to Yoga Union with my neck brace and not being able to do Yoga.  I just wanted to be in the healing room.  I could feel  and see the love from the community and all the teachers especially Todd and Annie.   I was afraid because of my physical limitations people would judge me or not welcome me.  Just the opposite was true, I was able to do what I could and improve my life physically, emotionally and Spiritually!  I do my own process.   My body is able to do what it can and I benefit.  Yoga Union taught me to  open my heart and my body feels less pain and limitations. Yoga Union taught me a life I never thought I would have in spite of my disability..Yoga Union helped me  to love myself and others deeply.

Therese Jenee

Blake Vigna

Being a new dad was the most rewarding experience I had ever had.  I loved those kids, there was no doubt!  But as a result of giving them my full attention, I had placed myself at the bottom of the priority list.  Mind and body were worlds apart.  I walked my neglected self in to Yoga Union in 2006. I was looking for the lost connection between mind and body.  What I found here was alignment. I opened myself to deeper meaning.  What I found was community.  When I struggled at times with life’s trials, I found healing in my yoga practice.  Annie and Todd have drawn on their life experiences and broad knowledge of yoga, and have brought together a fantastic collection of practitioners, teachers and healers.  I can’t wait to see what the future brings for Yoga Union.  The sky is the limit!  I hope you consider practicing here too.  You will find in this place as much transformation as you allow yourself to seek.

Thank you so much for the intention, thoughtfulness, light, and depth that you bring to yoga and to our neighborhood. I have been taking the Wednesday morning class since the beginning of April, and after six years of child-bearing, the fog of life with young kids, and starting a business, I feel stronger than I have in a LONG time. I know this is in part a testimony to myself and my inner work. But I also feel like some of the credit goes to you and your awesome teaching. I feel completely inspired to be a better person when I come to the classes at Yoga Union. I have been practicing for twenty years, and I am so happy to have such a stellar studio just down the street from my house.

Sarah-lu B

Blake Vigna

You folks have a really good thing going here, and I’m glad to be a part of it. I’m 54 with bad knees and weigh about 200 pounds, and feel better now than I have for the past few years. My favorite classes are the hot flow. Weight loss is one of my goals and I feel like I’m slimming down already. A great moment for me was when we were in tree pose. I felt the woman next to me touch my back, (I) opened my eyes and looked up into the whole forest of trees, and started bawling. We are all connected! Thank you so much.

I found Yoga Union at a time in my life that was full of heartache and transition. The studio soon became the place I went to get out of my head and into my body. It was a place of peace and quiet, a place of refuge and healing. Over the years, as I’ve recovered from that unexpected loss, Yoga Union has remained my sacred place. It is both my church and my playground – the place I return to when I need to regroup and reconnect with something larger than myself, as well as the place where I can discover and celebrate all the things my body can do.

I walked into Yoga Union five years ago simply looking for a place to get onto my mat and out of my head. What I discovered was a place where I can push myself physically, restore myself emotionally and honor and celebrate the complexity and beauty of life. Yoga Union is much more than just a yoga studio – it is a community, a sacred place, a joyfully raucous playground.

Teke Dillender