The Covid-19 shutdown has resulted in the loss of our building – The Breathe Building. This amazing place, one which our community dreamed of and worked so hard to bring to fruition, is no longer available to us. We are not able to return. We have done all we can. And now we must move on. We will not be returning to the Breathe Building.

The Breathe building was special to our community. It contains our blood, sweat, and tears. We are deeply grieving having to let it go. Nevertheless, we are reminded in this time that what made the the building so special was not it’s design or construction, but the spirit of the community who inhabited it, and that can never be terminated. Not by executive orders, medical mandates, or legal terms… We are holding to the memories wherein the Breathe Building served as the stage to gather and experience the great play of life unfolding together.

Why are you closing?
Governor Kate Brown’s executive order 20-12 called for the closure of Oregon’s yoga studios. With this COVID-19 moratorium in place, we have been unable to operate from inside our building for over ten weeks. To this date, we have yet to hear of a date for possible reopening, only a list of protocols which enforce standards of distancing, sanitation, and protective equipment which make group yoga classes inaccessible for the majority of our students. Overnight, our business has become unsustainable. Thus, we need to pivot from here. For many studios and the students who occupied them, yoga has moved online, as is where ours will go, for now. We hope to meet you there.

Will you be reopening the physical space? 
For legal and financial reasons, the Breathe Building is no longer accessible to us. We will continue coming together via online classes. In addition, we are in the process of envisioning opportunities to gather in the flesh for movement, breath, and safe/healthy togetherness. Please stay connected by following our newsletter, Instagram, and website where we will continue growing our online library so you can enjoy classes whenever your schedule allows.

I left something in the building. Can I get it back? 
Unfortunately the space is no longer available to us.

I have a monthly membership, what will happen with that? 
As of 6/1/2020, all Yoga Union monthly memberships will terminated in total. This includes associated contracts and all future payments. Monthly members who are enjoying the online subscription can continue this service for $25 per month by clicking here.

I don’t want to do classes online, can I get a refund?
While we cannot offer refunds for class packages or membership, we are converting all remaining value from annual memberships to your online account, where you can continue enjoying all Yoga Union offerings including online yoga, group gatherings, workshops, special events, and retail items, all using your credit. For those who purchased their annual membership during the October Membership Drive, the following math will apply: $799 [$66.58 per month]. Subtracting the time used in studio [5 months or $332.90] = $466.10. This is the credit amount that would be added to your online account. For those who purchased memberships outside the October Special, custom math will apply. You will receive an email from us regarding your account in the coming weeks.

I had a class package, can I get a refund?
Class packages will not be refunded. However, upon request we are able to add the value remaining as a credit to your online account  where you can continue enjoying all Yoga Union offerings including online yoga, group gatherings, workshops, special events, and retail items, all using your credit.

How do I cancel my online subscription?
If you wish to cancel, you can do so through your subscription settings, which you will find from your My Account page. Click on the “My Subscription” button, which will take you to a screen where you can put your subscription on-hold, or cancel it.

How do I purchase an online subscription?
1. Log in to your account
2. Purchase a subscription ($25 per month)
3. Now you can immediately access our live stream of classes and our growing library of pre-recorded classes.