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We’re passionate about sharing the life-enhancing experience of yoga and holistic wellness so you can rediscover your body’s natural wisdom and revitalize your relationship to movement.

Access our exclusive library of over 200 On-Demand classes + live online classes including yoga, functional fitness, therapeutic training, meditation, breath work, and Primal Vinyasa®. Yoga won’t find this breadth of highly-curated movement medicine anywhere else.

What is Primal Vinyasa®?

Primal Vinyasa is a method of re-patterning movement rooted in trust in each individual’s innate bodily wisdom”

Through our 5-part method, you will recover strength and mobility which will develop your movement competency.

In short time, you’ll reclaim your body’s capacity for easeful, balanced, and powerful movement both inside and outside your practice.

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& Breathwork

Practice on your own time or join in the amplified energy of a group class with a growing library of 200+ On-Demand and LIVE classes, including workshops, tutorials, and kids classes.

Functional Fitness & Therapeutic Training

Create a new, empowering movement imprint in your brain, body and nervous system with 50+ functional movement and therapeutic training lessons with Primal Vinyasa Founder, Annie Adamson.

& Mindfulness

Reprogram your mind to become more appreciative, centered and calm so you can show up more relaxed, creative, and grounded in your truth as you work to achieve your wellness goals. 


Make mindful movement a daily ritual and activate your body’s innate ability to self-repair with member-exclusive Primal Vinyasa classes and workshops.

Stories From Our Community

“It’s been 6 months since  receiving this app as a Christmas present and I’ve got to say it’s been the most wonderful gift I’ve ever had! My  body feels so much more agile I’m conscious of most movements now and a back problem I’ve had for years is dissipating slowly!  I’ve shouted from the  rooftops about a PR yourself and hopefully you’ll be long and successful in your mission to help people to help themselves.”

– Nikki