Anna Mitra is an Oregon-native yoga teacher. Her intention as a teacher is to be of service to any searching soul, a resource for exploration, empowerment, and play; for anyone interested in creating or deepening their relationship to the full-spectrum practice of yoga, and in discovering the magic they hold within their body. 

Anna found yoga early in her life, when her mentor and friend opened the first and only yoga studio in her hometown of Klamath Falls. Her lifelong passion for stories, magic, and movement was ignited as the practice encouraged her to expose and explore the many layers of her own complex human experience.   Her hope is to create real, lasting relationships, with our earth, with ritual, and with each other. She believes that yoga is a powerful practice that constantly asks us to take hard honest looks at ourselves, and to see our reflection mirrored in every other living thing, every moment of the day.

Anna continues to be a lifelong student. She completed her 200hr certification at Yoga Union, under the guidance and inspiration of her beloved teacher, Annie Adamson. Having connected so deeply to Annie’s teachings, Anna is also enrolled in Yoga Union’s 300hr training in Holistic Yoga Therapeutics, which she will complete in August 2017. She is grateful for all of her teachers, her parents, and the overwhelming support she receives every day.