Anna Mitra is an Oregon-native yoga teacher, a dedicated student, and a great lover and believer in movement as a form of medicine. Her yoga journey began in 2010, in a time when she struggled daily to manage her mental health. Slowly the mindful practices of yoga began to replace her unhealthy coping mechanisms and through these practices, she has developed a stronger relationship with her own healing process. It is through this lens that she has come to terms with the many aspects of her own inner darkness, and the light she has discovered within it. In 2015, she met her teacher, Annie Adamson, leading her into an apprenticeship and soul friendship that lasts to this day. Under this guidance, Anna has completed more than 500hrs of training at Yoga Union, with a special focus on the therapeutic benefits of the full-spectrum practice of yoga. She believes in the wholeness, the deep intuitive wisdom that we all have, and strives to help students remember this within themselves. She empowers her students to be curious, to move in embodied ways that they might not otherwise, to remain present with all that arises, and supports them in discovering their own unique way of being. She encourages her students to take charge of their practice, to listen deeply to the innate wisdom of their bodies, and to make intentional, compassionate choices about how they interact with themselves and in the world. Along with teaching weekly classes, Anna also is an assistant in Yoga Union’s 200hr Teacher Training and a manager at the studio. She is infinitely grateful to all of her teachers, and all of the support that she receives.