Are Generalists Healthier Than Specialists?

There’s a movement system within us, that was built in and that our body craves. It doesn’t result in resistance and shut down. The code is already hidden deep within the molecular structure of our human body – our primal memory. We just need to remember and reawaken it. Finally something refreshing that makes sense, the fitness trend of natural movement (which includes Primal Vinyasa and other primal movement methods) takes the emphasis back to the very thing that we are best at doing: being human. “Movement” is really just the brand of the “unbranded”. We can’t truly call it a brand if it always existed – it’s just what humans are supposed to do.

Movement as Nourishment

Nowadays, everything has been made easy. Our environment does not offer as much novelty or complexity, we don’t need to move as much to get through our day. Movement has been replaced by convenience. But at what cost? For the first time the biology of our species is slowly degenerating.