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A soft, semi-pliable disk-shaped weight measuring 5” and weighing 4 lb. It functions as a yoga prop and a therapeutic tool. It can be placed on the head to integrate and lengthen the spine or in the hands for grip strength and joint-stability. This is an effective tool for helping with posture, trunk stability, and physical rehabilitation. Hand-sewn in the USA with sustainable canvas and filled with pure steel shot.



A 60” long, 1” round ridged wooden dowel with rubber stoppers on the ends. It functions as a yoga prop and a rehabilitation tool. Can aid in the developing range of motion in the major joints of the body including the hips and shoulders by providing closed-chain neuromuscular feedback. This is an effective tool for balancing and learning to get up and down off the floor with greater ease and efficiency. Made in the USA with hickory wood and rubber.