As a teacher, Natasha’s hope is to share the very thing she loves most about yoga with those who cross her path: how it can create a foundation for physically, mentally, or spiritually getting you to where you have not been before. Whether it is doing your downward dog more sustainably, gaining the ability to do a handstand, or finding something from within to empower yourself, she sees herself simply as a vessel to help guide her students in shedding un-needed layers to become their most genuine self. 


Combining what she learned through her teacher training with Rocky Heron, Forrest Yoga training with Ana Forrest, a newly-found love of rock climbing, and all things outdoors, Natasha brings her own unique approach to her playful Vinyasa-style classes. She loves to intertwine the ancient philosophy of yoga with the “here and now” yoga, combining light and love with the real and raw. While honoring freedom to move your body the way it naturally wants to move, Natasha blends strength building, with a variety of Forrest Yoga core techniques, mindfulness, and the encouragement for students to tap into their physical and mental potential. The most essential part of her classes is Pranayama (breath work), guiding her class to breathe in unison so they can feel a part of something bigger than themselves. 


You will laugh, you will play, you will connect, and you may possibly shed a tear, but mostly you will be invited to truly become who you aspire to be both on and off your mat.


When Natasha is not teaching, you can find her outdoors with her dog Timber, experiencing all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer.


You can connect with her on Instagram @natashawightmanyoga or visit her website