Jamie’s Letter To The Community

My journey began within this community, nearly 20 years ago, when I took my first yoga class at Yoga Union.  I would go away, and return many years later… a more seasoned student and a teacher, with nearly 850 hours of training.  My passion and fire had grown, and was fueled by the realization that yoga…

Letter from a Student

The following is one of many letters we’ve recently received which has touched us deeply and reminded us of the beauty in the collective experience. These words reveal the value of yoga and community. They remind us of the impact we can make by showing up to fill our cups, and by dedicating what overflows to…

This Is NOT Goodbye

As of Tuesday, March 17, the doors of Yoga Union Community Wellness Center will be closed along with those of our collaborating business, Prema Health. This marks the first closing for anything other than holidays since we opened over 20 years ago. Needless to say, our hearts are heavy from having to make this decision. It…

COVID-19 Response 3/13/20

This is to let you know the cautionary steps we are taking in response to recent news regarding COVID-19. Things are unfolding quickly. We are in a different situation than last week when we sent correspondence related to the issue. Please know that your wellness remains the highest priority to us here at Yoga Union. (After…

Winter Schedule 2019

This year’s winter schedule will begin January 1, 2019. It is our fullest schedule yet.   Changes include the addition of a Kundalini class. This style is new to YU. It’s being offered by Greg Allen. You may know him as the viola player who has graced the Unity Flow, Restorative, and other classes over the…

Fall 2018 Class Schedule

Here it is! The new and improved edition of your sweet lovin’ yoga schedule.   Some things to notice are: Holistic Yoga Therapeutics™ offered in the South Studio Tues 6-7:15pm Wed 9-10:15am Frid 9-10:15am   Vinyasa (All-Levels) in the North Studio Weds & Fridays 9-10:30am   Vinyasa (All-Levels) in the South Studio Wed 6pm   Classes with * have…

What Is The Ideal Yoga Community?

We meet on mutual ground. In a center of beauty and inspiration. We come to inquire within. To seek our own answers. We come because we care. We come to remember who we are and what what life is for. Everyone is allowed to be themselves. They are seen, accepted, approved, and appreciated for their uniqueness. They work to see, accept, approve, and appreciate themselves.

Crossroads to the LBC

After employing a full time LBC coordinator, making substantial investments in non-toxic, sustainable, LBC-approved materials, and heroic efforts on the part of my design & construction team, I found myself at a crossroads. Should I press on to the high peaks of LBC compliance, risking financial ruin and vast timelines, or should I turn toward practicality, building not with the LBC standard but in their likeness instead.

Living Yoga – Living Building

Each time the yogi gets a taste of union with all things, she is rewired with greater sensitivity to the joys and the suffering of the world, and her compassion grows deeper. The effect over time is cumulative. Each experience is a little more real and results in a greater appreciation for the intricacy and preciousness of life, a desire to live it with higher regard, and a passionate lifestyle better aligned with the understanding that all things are connected.

Awakening Heart Intensive – Bhukti/Mukti Engagement

“Bhukti” means enjoyment or worldly fulfillment. “Mukti” means spiritual liberation. Tantra is the bridge between bhukti and mukti. It is a way of reconciling the apparent opposition of spiritual and worldly fulfillment. The message here is that in the tantric practices it is possible to enjoy a “worldly” existence and discover full spiritual liberation in this life.