Yoga Community in SE Portland, OR

Community – Support for Personal Transformation

When I am in yoga, and I look around at all the people practicing, my heart is filled with joy! This is one time in life when I feel truly happy. The community that has blossomed at Yoga Union is a phenomenon. This intentional community keeps growing and I believe it is because the intention for a better world is at the core of it. Yoga Union is filled with the energy of everyone holding each other up. Holding up and pushing up. A safe place where your heart can be full and your energy big. On the days when we aren’t feeling so full and big, it is also a safe place for reflection. So, we can also just be!

Yoga retreat Costa Rica

Playa Purusha: How a Costa Rican Yoga Retreat Helped Reboot My Life

The setting sun perches over the surf of Playa Hermosa, a tangerine jewel that dapples the waves and the Costa Rican sky in a soft palate of reds, pinks, and gold.  A dozen of us stand in a circle in the sand, moving our bodies to music. The movement of our limbs is hypnotic, and beautiful.…