Winter Pemberton is the founder of Age Rebel, and co-owner of both Prema Health and Untamed Women Travel. Harnessing her own radical authenticity Winter combines a deep knowledge of the human body with conscious living practices to guide others towards utilizing lifestyle as medicine. 

Winter is an inspirational badass. Creating Age Rebel from the deep desire to bring new definitions of female aging into public knowledge. Combining scientific research with an innate knowledge of the body, Age Rebel is increasing awareness of our unceasing vitality. Winter is working to remind us all that our value is not age based, and neither is our access to a healthy strong physical self. 

Opening Prema Health, in Portland, Oregon, has allowed Winter to bring like minded practitioners together to create a truly holistic healing center. Prema is where Winter works hands on with clients through massage, personal training, and conscious living education. She will hold your hand and be your fearless guide as you walk down the path of healing. 

Winter’s newest venture Untamed Women Travel is a reminder of the value of deep supportive connections between women, and the expansive nature of travel. Created with close friend Annie Adamson, Untamed Women Travel utilizes Winters genuinely excited nature, and gift of inspiration to bring fun and freedom to these playful adventures. 

Academic background includes a B.S. in Exercise and Movement Sciences as well as licenses in Personal Training and Massage Therapy. Additionally Winter holds certifications as a Holistic Yoga TherapistTM, Primal Vinyasa Ambassador, and Holistic Pelvic CareTM practitioner. Check out for Winter’s current offerings. An online classroom will be launching the Summer of 2020!