I have training in Vinyasa yoga, Yoga for Seniors and I received my 200 hour certification with Leslie Ellis at Heartsong Yoga in Beaverton. In 2017 I completed my 500hr certification in Holistic Yoga Therapeutics, with Annie Adamson at Yoga Union in Portland. I hold certifications of completion in Aerial Yoga, The Roll Model Method (self massage training with Jill Miller), and Primal Vinyasa Inspired (with Annie Adamson).

Stability and strength are more important now than ever as our culture has designed a life of ease, more sitting and less physical work. People have more injuries and pain from repetitive movement patterns and lack of movement than we should; and learning healthy everyday movement patterns can prevent and heal these injuries. I like to think of myself as a guide or third party to student’s healing. My hope is to help bring greater awareness into student’s everyday movements and postures in order for them to promote a sense of wholeness, live more fully, and be present and joyful.

My classes are intended to relieve stress, tension, trauma, and lack of stability; which can manifest as pain, inflammation, disease and mental dysfunctions. My work with private clients can address pain, disease, injuries, imbalances, lack of stability, and muscle release. By looking at self massage, stretching, strength, breathing, daily routine, posture and movement patterns; we can uncover the secrets to healing, strength and peace. Time to be a human be-ing and not just a human doing!

Breathe in and love every moment of life.~