Yoga’s uplifting, invigorating effects have been an essential element of Mandie’s exuberant existence for over ten years. Her openness to explore the art led her to discover many wonderful, personal strengths that she has carried with her around the world and shared with countless others.


Beginning in 2008, she studied under Grand Master Adam and the International Yoga Studio in Virginia Beach where she received her first 200RYT. Traveling to Hawaii as a military spouse, she continued studying and began teaching. With the birth of her son, and the beach as her backdrop, she found a deep connection with nature, mindful cooking, and motherhood. With these in mind, she focused on this profound path and received her Prenatal RYT in 2012.


A year later, Mandie and her little family of three left Hawaii and set out to travel the world. Eight countries, a drive across the United States, and one year of incredible experiences later, they finally settled on a new home in Portland. Today, almost three years later, Mandie is still at the very first studio she stepped foot into after moving to PDX, Yoga Union. She is indebted to the many great teachers here who continually offer their endless knowledge and wisdom both on and off the mat.


Thanks to Yoga Union’s support and her endless journey for learning and improvement, Mandie now holds a 500RYT from the Sattva Yoga Academy in Rishikesh, India and Street Yoga and Primal Vinyasa certifications under Ivy Katz and Annie Adamson.


Now the happy momma of two amazing boys, Mandie’s love of yoga has never been more vibrant as she passes on her knowledge to them and to her many students. She tends to teach her classes in a circle, full of laughter and playful moments. This approach allows everyone to enjoy each other and their surroundings. With big dreams and wild ideas, you can find her most days in The Hive, covered in paint and happy babies.