Lisa completed her teacher training under Annie Adamson and remains working with Annie daily. Continuing education is very important to her since our knowledge of the body, mind, and spirit are constantly evolving. She studies Yoga As Therapy with Doug Keller, has trained with numerous Iyengar instructors and is endlessly researching on her own.

Playful flows and safely aligned poses are what one should expect when attending Lisa’s classes. She believes, “When doing anything in life with playfulness you can find a much lighter version of self discovery.”

Delivered to yoga via injuries from extreme sports, Lisa learned to heal herself through yoga and breath. With her multitude of bodily damages, she’s learned to use yoga as therapy; helping others who are challenged with their own misalignments and injuries.

Intense physical activity was not new to her as she began her yoga journey. She has a background in rock climbing, Tum Pai Kajukenbo, competitive snowboarding, and ski racing. In turn, her teaching pushes students to tap into their own self-awareness and capabilities through physical movement. She teaches with a focus on alignment, aiming to keep her students safe with precise instruction and a straightforward clarity.

“What I hope for my students is that they learn more about their bodies and in turn their spirit. This is their time to pull all the parts of themselves together that get fractured as we move through life. After the movements are over, I always hope they walk off their mats feeling empowered.”

In August 2011, Lisa’s fiancé and soulmate Allen Satcher passed away in an accident at age 28.

“Years have passed and still, I am devastated. It’s the Yoga Union community and the practice that grounds me into functioning again. Most importantly, this community has the courage to empathize, to listen, to love and to be a constant, unwavering support. The yoga practice helps stabilize my soul, heals pieces of my heart and deepens my connection to my family, community and world. I’d like to offer whatever I can for anyone else grieving the loss of their loves. It is only through relationships that we can truly heal, by connecting our hearts to improve our lives.”

Lisa offers Yoga for Grief sessions to anyone experiencing deep loss.