Jessie inherited the “yoga gene” from her ancestors. Her mother and grandmother, both brilliant practitioners and teachers, instilled a deep well of knowledge about holistic health, wellness and movement as medicine. Jessie did not plan to become a yoga teacher, but has been so inspired by her practice, the ancient teachings, and how relevant they remain; that now teaching and bodywork have become her true life’s calling. With over 500-hrs in teaching and meditation training, certification in Primal Vinyasa™ and Holistic Yoga Therapy™, Jessie’s classes are skillful, fun and give her students space to have their own experiences. Forever a student, Jessie is excited about functional movement, pain science, and how to use breath and movement to make our nervous systems happy! She hopes that her students learn skills from her classes that will bring ease to their everyday lives, and promote meaningful relationships within their communities. When she’s not holding other people’s babies or playing music with her husband, Jessie loves swimming in saltwater, sewing projects and dancing awkwardly.