A love for athletics and dance inspired Jamie’s curiosity in the direction of yoga nearly two decades ago.  The unexpected and profound impact yoga made in her life, deepened her commitment to the practice and her motivation to enrich her knowledge through formal trainings and continual self-study.

Jamie has gained over 1500 hours of training predominantly under Madeline Huish, Tiffany Cruikshank, and Annie Adamson, and continually embellishes and diversifies her education under teachers who demonstrate a skillset that aligns with her own personal evolution.  Jamie has trained in Shadow Yoga, Vinyasa, Holistic Yoga Therapeutics™, Primal Vinyasa, and Earth Medicine, and has been teaching publicly for a decade.

Jamie is also a practicing Holistic Yoga Therapist™.  Her classes are reflective of this background utilizing skills for breathing techniques, functional alignment and posture, joint stabilization, and strength building.

Jamie teaches under the philosophy that when we are inspired and encouraged to become curious about how our own mind and body functions (while in the midst of illness/injury, as well as optimized health), that we have the greatest opportunities to learn more about our deeper selves.  She believes that this deeper inner reflection is the fuel behind what allows us to not only evolve as humans, but really show up with and for others.

To learn more about Jamie Busch, visit her website at jamiebuschyoga.com