Em MaBelle first studied Hatha with Holiday Johnson over 25 years ago, but delved deeply into a committed practice just 9 years ago. She sees the healing and transformational effects of a steady practice in her own life, and aspires to share that with others.
She is grateful for her teacher, Annie Adamson, who encouraged her to enroll in the 2012 Yoga Union Teacher Training. In 2014, Em received her Prenatal Yoga certification with Shana Celnicker-Jong. Em is ever-inspired by her beloved yoga community, fellow teachers and students alike, and is honored to belong to and serve this vibrant community.

Em provides a supportive atmosphere in her classes, which are welcoming, soothing, and uplifting.

Another joy for Em is “doing the flowers” at Yoga Union. And yes, Em has a twin sister, Sar!