Annie is a gifted and intuitive healer and teacher. At the time I started seeing Annie, I was 3 months into a chiropractic overhaul to realign major spinal/shoulder misalignments caused by repetitive stress and a serious fall. I had been unable to practice yoga for several months due to pain and restricted range of motion, and most of my daily activities including work were excruciating. During my first appointment with Annie, she evaluated my structure and musculature and explained how she saw the patterns in my body at play with my injuries and how we would work with them. She did some therapy and then gave me a series of simple poses to do at home, every day, to begin re-patterning and healing myself. I left my first appointment with more range of motion and less pain in my shoulder than I had experienced in a very long time! I saw Annie for several more individual sessions and eventually was able to start taking group classes again. Annie tailored each session to my specific needs at each point of my healing process and provided me with clear and detailed instructions for what to do at home. Throughout my time working with Annie, she kindly and firmly explained the importance of my role in my own healing. I am infinitely grateful for Annie and the guidance she gave me, and would recommend her to anyone who is ready and willing to take their healing into their own hands.