Annie is an incredibly sensitive and knowledgeable teacher and healer. I originally came to Annie because of a low back injury. I had been in severe daily pain for approximately a year, during which time I was told by my chiropracter, physical therapist, and orthopedic specialist that the arthritis that was developing in my low back was natural for my age and I should expect a future of pain management rather than healing. I came to Annie’s yoga therapy as somewhat of a last resort. At our first appointment, Annie shifted my whole view of my condition. She assured me that I was not doomed to the future of pain that my other care givers had predicted. She taught me a few basic actions and poses that gave me immediate relief, and empowered me with the knowledge that I could heal my own body through yoga and breath. After only a few months of working with Annie, I was out of pain. After a few more months, I had a body that was stronger and more self-assured than ever before. I continue to see Annie to help me advance my asana practice, as well as my practice of being a self-aware human being. She is a joy to work with, and I deeply appreciate the impact that she has had on my life.