We carefully consider our products for relevance, sustainability, beauty, capacity to encourage wellness, and functionality. From our selection of Ayurvedic oils to yoga clothing, we have what you need to narrow the margin between your yoga practice and your lifestyle.

We realize the people who walk into our shop may actually need vary little additional  possessions. We want to sell you exactly what your looking for. Nothing more and nothing less.

Out of love for the land, we carefully select from the most sustainable products available, choosing local companies, natural products, and consciously harvested materials whenever possible.

When we’re inspired, we’re the best we can be. Few things inspire like beauty. Our products will inspire you to be your best.

When you’re taking care of yourself, you’re able to take care of others. We provide a multitude of opportunities to optimize your vitality and improve your health.

Ultimately, everything you bring home needs to work for you. If it doesn’t fit, if it has becomes obsolete, or if for whatever reason it just isn’t quite right, feel free to return it for a refund with no questions asked.

We currently have relationship with the following businesses and we stand behind them. As we move into the new building, we will be expanding our shop and offering more of what supports the wellness of our community.

Urban Gita Ghee, Bulletproof, Kira Grace, Onzie, Anjali Clothing, Manduka, Jade Yoga, KSpell Jewelry and more.